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Tecumseh - Stens connecting rod oil dipper

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2016/05/28 01:27:57 (permalink)

Tecumseh - Stens connecting rod oil dipper

Hello Everybody,
For my Tecumseh h70-130067a engine, I got a Stens connecting rod from Jack's. The Stens part number is 510-222, Replaces Tecumseh 32591C. All is well except for one bit of monkey business... the oil dipper does not look anything like the original. Picture attached. 
The original rod's dipper seems to be either broken off or roughly abraded, and I don't see the missing piece in the metal scrap that came out of the bottom of this poor case. What's left of the dipper appears to extend up, not down; it's pointing toward about 2 o'clock if you look at the case from the sump cover side with the cylinder up. The Tecumseh Tech Handbook shows a dipper pointing downward which makes sense if it's supposed to splash oil. Does this mean the original was installed backwards?
The new dipper and the old are similar in that one side is triangular. This is its own mystery. In the original, the triangular part is bent down around the rod cap as if to prevent rotation. If I position the new dipper so its triangular side can serve the same purpose (after bending-?), then the other side sticks up at an even higher implausible angle. I can't imagine the dipper could be an asset in this position.
Fortunately, the Stens product listing shows the dipper installed. Unfortunately, this does not clear up the matter. As shown, the triangular part is sticking down, with the big part laying almost flat against the rod cap, and the part sticking down to do the dipping is significantly smaller than what's shown in the Tecumseh handbook. So I don't really trust that the Stens image shows it correctly installed.
Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? This is my first small engine rebuild, and I confess I don't fully understand dipper dynamics engineering. I just don't want to burn this pig up after I put time into it. I'm probably crazy anyway, but it's an old friend and the process is fun. At least it was fun before I got to the dipper!
Thanks for your help anyone,

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