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Hot!Upgrade to a sub-compact tractor (Kubota BX1880) or Riding Mower with 25hp????

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2018/10/01 09:13:32 (permalink)

Upgrade to a sub-compact tractor (Kubota BX1880) or Riding Mower with 25hp????

I own 2 acres total.  1.5 acres is all field with thick field grass and some thick weeds and slight woody vegetation at times and I blew the engine on my Husqvarna YTH18542 mowing that field.  The grass is thick and gets mowed every other week at the least (it takes awhile on a 42" mower with 18.5 hp to cut), while the .5 acre lot that our house is on gets mowed weekly.  I tried to slow the mower down so it would not get too bogged down in the tall grass, but did not do so quick enough and the engine blew... anyhow, now I'm looking to upgrade.
Should I go with a sub-compact tractor (Kubota BX1880) OR another riding mower with a stronger engine (at least 25hp)???
I am really leaning toward a sub-compact tractor (Kubota BX1880) with a 54" mower deck and a font loader.  Reasoning's are:
1) well built machine that could handle lawn and side field with ease
2) versatile for our property, could attach tiller on rear 3 point-hitch for garden, or rake/box blade for leveling gravel drive
3) could use front loader for snow removal on our drive-way, as well, as other general tasks
4) quicker cut time with a 54" deck and stronger cutting power/speed
*My reservations are cost.. looking at $190/month
Riding mower with at least 25 hp reasoning's are:
1) Storage will be easier as it can fit in my shed
2) Should be able to handle the side field with stronger hp compared to the 18.5hp of my Husqvarna?
3) Price point is better at a couple grand ($100-$119 month with financing)
Part of me thinks I should just spring for the sub-compact since it will be more versatile compared to a regular riding mower.  Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome, thank you.

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