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Craftsman- oil spitting out of the muffler

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2018/10/20 19:00:19 (permalink)

Craftsman- oil spitting out of the muffler

Craftsman self propelled mower (No. 917.377890) with a Honda 5.5 horse engine. Its' probably 12yrs old & has always run great even though I rarely changed the oil.    Wasn't running very good this summer - I had to have the choke partially on & seemed to idle high but it would keep going.  Last week it finally died while mowing & wouldn't restart.  So I changed cleaned the air filter, changed the oil, & changed the spark plug.  Now when I try to start it, it will fire up for just a second and sprays some oil out of the muffler and dies.  I'm thinking the carb probably needs to be dismantled and cleaned-or replaced.  Would that be the best course of action or does the oil spitting from the muffler indicate a different problem?

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    Re: Craftsman- oil spitting out of the muffler 2018/10/21 08:04:45 (permalink)
    Honda GCV160A-BBH.
    Did you brother to check the oil level to see if it is over filled? If fill it to correct level and is now well above that then the carburetor is leaking into the crankcase and oil can be present in the exhaust system.
    If planning on servicing the carburetor just be aware it take skill and patience to get intake gaskets and components all back correctly as there are 5 items are mounted loose between the carburetor and the cylinder barrel before tighten the carburetor two mounting screws plus the extra screw for the air cleaner.
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