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Hot!Metal Replacement for Starter- Rewind Spline .

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2018/11/09 21:32:48 (permalink)

Metal Replacement for Starter- Rewind Spline .

I have a B&S 8 HP Mod.190432, Type 3035-01, Code 86012110 driving a POWERMATE Mod.54400 4000 Watt Portable Generator. The plastic female spline section in the Starter-Rewind (PN 390391?) is stripped and needs replacing. Is there a metal replacement piece for this part? What parts would be needed to convert this engine to an Electric Start?
Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Metal Replacement for Starter- Rewind Spline . 2018/11/10 00:36:13 (permalink)
    Welcome to the forum! The metal pulley is no longer made, the nylon replacement is p/n 299871. P/N 39091 is the complete rewind assembly, it supercedes to 693900 which is the new and much more reliable pawl and cup style.
    Unless you can find a donor engine converting to electric start is going to be very pricey. IIRC the 12 volt starter needed is no longer available from the factory.
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    Re: Metal Replacement for Starter- Rewind Spline . 2018/11/10 01:08:02 (permalink)
    First you need find out if the flywheel has a ring gear. If so then just the matter of adding the starter which is still available but has been superseded twice. The Briggs starter is now PN 497595 but you can get an aftermarket version about half the cost. If the flywheel doesn't have a ring gear then you will need find a donor as none of three used on this are available any more.
    If the recoil pulley is strip it is likely that the starter clutch is sticking. As Roy said you could upgrade to the new style recoil but requires removing the starter clutch currently used and cutting the stud of the crankshaft off just above threaded section. Then you can the new starter cup and recoil assembly.
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