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16 hp vanguard

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2018/11/12 14:44:48 (permalink)

16 hp vanguard

I need a carb. or a replacement part number for a 16 hp vanguard #303772-1055e2 ,carb # 808728 is  not available. I replaced float and needle still running very rich ?how can I check fuel pump pressure ?any help would be great thanks 

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    Re: 16 hp vanguard 2018/11/12 15:17:27 (permalink)
    Asian Carburetor. This is problem we at shops have with Chinese parts they are seldom available after the end the equipment manufacturing ends.
    The fuel pump will only be producing between 5-7 psi. Use a fuel pressure gauge to measure it.
    Invert to carburetor and pressure test the valve float seat t see if is able to hold 5-7 psi. If it does make the float is level with reference to the carburetor body. If it doesn't try polishing the seat and readjusting the float level afterwards if it does pass another pressure test. Otherwise you are SOL unless you can find an used replacement that is good.
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