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2016/06/07 15:20:12 (permalink)

Mower help

The choke lever on my Toro SS 5000 broke and I replaced the cable. Now when I put the mower in gear, it dies. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Mower help 2016/06/08 11:28:42 (permalink)
    Sounds like a safety switch problem or the wiring. Make sure no wiring was pulled or damaged when installing the cable.
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    Re: Mower help 2017/02/06 02:44:55 (permalink)
    okay so go ahead and remove the electric pto switch, from the tractor, and unhook the wire but before you do. make sure you remember what wire went to what post. then take the pto switch, and if you have access to a multimeter. take the multimeter and set I to ohms. then take one lead and put it on one terminal. then take the other and put it on the other one. and if you get a beeping when the pto lever is pulled up. then it is something in the wiring. or if you do not have the multimeter. turn the key to on but don't start it. then take the pto lever and pull it up. then push it down. then pull it up. then push it down. If you don't hear clicking the pto switch is bad. or if it is not that. take the switch under the seat and while the mower is started, lift the seat up, push and hold that switch button in. and turn on the blades. if it doesn't there is a wiring issue. 
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