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MiTM Generator will not start

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2018/11/16 20:55:18 (permalink)

MiTM Generator will not start

Model GEN-1700-iMSO
Got this new about 4 years ago. Started and ran fine at that time. Pulled it out recently and cannot get it started. Sprayed staring fluid in the card and it ran. Fuel is getting to the pump but no further. Replaced the pump but still no start. Ideas?

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    Re: MiTM Generator will not start 2018/11/17 02:39:13 (permalink)
    Yes, Clean the carburetor would be a good starting point. Today's fuel additives tend clog carburetors that sit unused for long periods.
    Oliver Douglas
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    Re: MiTM Generator will not start 2019/03/30 20:21:18 (permalink)
    Please never use ether on a small engine again. The cost a lot to replace. Carb cleaner is what we use.
    Pay no attention to the msg below the line, the standard response, maybe someone well benefit.
    You have a possible fuel clog. Could be the inlet or needle. Remove the hose form the carb and see if fuel flows that far. If so, pull the bowl and hook the hose back up and see it gas is coming past the seat.
    We cheat, we have a sonic cleaner. Ive seen needles encrusted into the seat channel. They take carb clean, GOGGLES, forced air, and some times a pick.
    We service 100s of gennys a year. 100% of them have fuel problems. We live in an ethanol heavy state, we send them out running great on ethanol free fuel, they pour their pump gas in them, and 3 months late, hard or no start.
    Change your fuel filters twice a year. in the spring, then summer. Ethanol plugs them up.
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