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2019/01/26 15:27:05 (permalink)

Carb/fuel problem

I was gifted a toro rtek snow thrower that has sat a few years. Gas tank had leak, which I patched. Getting spark, but no fuel to cylinder. I disassembled and cleaned carb thoroughly. Even watched a YouTube video to make sure I got everything. Still no turnover. If I spray carb cleaner into air intake it fires up for a second, but that's it. When I disconnect fuel line there is fuel coming through from tank to carb. After attempts to start there is no smell of combustion and when I take off exhaust I can see there is no uncombusted fuel in cylinder.

Even if fuel is passing through filter, can it still have a blockage that inhibits suction from engine? Any other ideas other than replace carb completely?
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Re: Carb/fuel problem 2019/01/26 17:51:40 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby kshansen 2019/01/27 09:34:05
Need the Toro's Model number but it sounds like the carburetor is still dirty. Most times it take either dip cleaner or better yet an ultrasonic cleaning to get into the tiny passages of the carburetor.
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