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I need help getting my 49cc stand on scooter runing

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2019/03/25 20:28:30 (permalink)

I need help getting my 49cc stand on scooter runing

HI I need to get my 49cc scoother going it runs fine and if I lift them tire up it go's go but when I get on it it boops way down and shuts down and I have to remember prime it and start it

Some times it will come out of it and take off and it go's good bUT 1s I slow down to a stop or all most a stop it cuts out

I know it has a clone of a walbro wyk carb on it and so far I've reched there airbox and card for leeks and replace them paper gasket it had with some silicone and I fond a ajusment on their side but I can't see one on the top

It's dark out now but if anyone can help me out I appreciate it vary much

And I'm sorry for my bad English,
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