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Hot!Craftsman Pro Series tractor Kohler engine issue

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2019/07/17 14:21:48 (permalink)

Craftsman Pro Series tractor Kohler engine issue

Started having issues a couple weeks ago, tractor is on extended warranty.  They cam today and said its leaking oil and needs a new gasket and a new cylinder.  The tractor is less than a year and a half old and has less than 38 hours on it.  I want to push for a full engine replacement as I think its really weird to have such a major issue so soon.... and wont the other cylinder be compromised and just a matter of time if one cylinder is bad, the gasket is bad and its leaking oil?

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    Re: Craftsman Pro Series tractor Kohler engine issue 2019/07/17 16:25:31 (permalink)
    Probably want be a problem but you replace cylinder you probably referring to cylinder head as the cylinders are part of the crankcase; therefore if one is bad both would get replaced.
    But we could stand having the Kohler model and spec number so we would know what you have engine wise.
    BTW I seldom ever do need to both cylinder heads on a twin cylinder engine. I do suspect that one of the heads is out tolerance warpage wise which is why they are looking at replacing it. Some Kohler engines use a thin all metal head gasket which can't seal well if the head is warped too much.
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