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Hot!Had To Get An Old 'Horse' Running!

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2019/08/31 17:46:59 (permalink)

Had To Get An Old 'Horse' Running!

Helping my wife deal with her mom's estate and one interesting item was an older Troy-Bilt 'Horse' tiller with plow blade attachment and 7 HP B&S. So, I gathered up some stuff and went over there this morning. A couple of days ago I had the local small engine shop pick up the tiller and inflate the tubeless tires which were off the rims. First thing I did today was change the engine oil which actually didn't look bad but had to be at least 15 years old. Then I checked out the air filter and had to remove the rotten foam cover over the pleated filter which had turned to dust. Then I checked out the gas tank which did have some old gas in it but not much. I had brought a gallon of my 4-cycle fuel (Premium gas with Startron in it) so I went ahead and put that in. I pulled the spark plug which looked great so I put it back in. The battery was definitely a goner so I pulled the manual starter cord a few times to no avail. Then I went and got a new battery and a can of starter fluid. Luckily the starter worked great but still no start, so I took off the air filter cover so I could shoot the starter fluid in while cranking, and it started right up with not the slightest puff of oil smoke and ran smooth.
Then I just sprayed some detergent on it and hosed it off. Couldn't believe how great it looked - I think they bought it around 1970. 
ETA: Actually I found the serial number and it was made in 1990. '00935xxx'. Anybody have an idea of what we should ask for it?
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