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Hot!Craftsman LT2000 Won't Stay Started Even After New Carb

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2019/09/02 14:46:37 (permalink)

Craftsman LT2000 Won't Stay Started Even After New Carb

I bought a used Craftsman LT2000. It worked the day i bought it. The first time I go to use it, it won't start. The guy I bought it from said sometimes the carburetor sticks and is probably time for a new one. Lovely. So I buy one and install it (thank you YouTube!). After everything was reassembled, it started right up, but ran really fast. I lowered the throttle and it stayed almost the same. When I let off the brake, it died. Over the next hour or so, I was able to get it started again several times, but it ran really rough and died within seconds, even while having the brake pressed down. I posted a short 9 second video on YouTube so folks could see and hear the engine as it's trying to run here: . So, any ideas? TIA!

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    Re: Craftsman LT2000 Won't Stay Started Even After New Carb 2019/09/02 16:57:48 (permalink)
    First you need to do a static governor adjustment for uncontrolled speed.
    Second problem sounds like a safety switch. First place to look is the seat switch and connector. Some these connectors have a build-in shorting strip which activates when the connector is loose.
    Now I don't what have change from the initial problem but you resolve the first two issues then the new one.
    Please post the 917 model number from the serial number tag so we can look-up the mower setup. We also need the engine numbers too.
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