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Chemical injectors don't work on my pump after 1 hour.

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2019/09/22 11:24:40 (permalink)

Chemical injectors don't work on my pump after 1 hour.

Make and model doesnt really apply here i have a craftsman frame, a honda motor, a himore pump PWV (R) 28/2.5, an internal and external chemical injector, a brand new dewalt hose and fittings, and a gun and wand made from 2 or 3 garbage sets of wands m guns i had laying around.
So what happened is the pump has less than an hour on it and i ran a empty bleach container of water (half gallon) and then finished sprayin a 10 x 10 foot section of my drive way off. Next morning injector quit working. Went to amazon got am external downstream 2 to 5 gpm adjustable one and a plug, and put it on the output of putpump and plugged the old injector hose output it also failed. During the customer service of the new injector i noticed a thin gray grease-like coating on all my new parts hose fittings and injector so Right now all my parts are soaking. Could the pump oil be leaking very slowly into the pump water? Causing small holes like injector behind the output hose to clog so soap and water no longer siphon into system but i can still pressure wash normally other than missing cleaners from injectors? The following are things i tested did or used:
Output of pump is measured 2.5 gpm,
I use the Black Soap Nozzle for adding bleached water (10 parts water to 1 part bleach for killing mold on walls of house before I paint)
Pressure washed half the house while waiting for parts after injector quit working

I am at a loss and also i can't find parts for the pump. I found like check valves for the pistons 3 per side, the injector check valve external port of pump (not the needed internal one), and an oil seal there are very few parts for my himore pump, which other than chemicals and cleaners works awesome. Any help is greatly appreciate, I think its a slow oil leak what are your thoughts?

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