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Hot!MTD 'no name' single stage blower: can't locate model #

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2019/12/08 23:06:31 (permalink)

MTD 'no name' single stage blower: can't locate model #

I've reviewed the MTD site that advises where the model and SN tag are SUPPOSED to be, but nothing is there.
The ENGINE is identified as a Tecumseh HSK845 8222D, engine family VTP139UB25RA   DOM 73007 G
Other than the carb sticker info, the only other p/n I can find is that for the front cover: 731-1087 (black) -1088 (beige) -1552 (oyser gray).
Pictures below-
Anyone able to assist-would be appreciated.  I need to replace the belt-and am not sure which one to purchase.
I'll add that i came across this machine after it'd been sitting idle for probably 8-10 yrs.  Not having much mechanical prowess, and after removing the carb from the engine, cleaning the spark plug and putting new reg gas in it, it started on the FIRST PULL!!!!  Smoked like crazy...but that pretty much stopped: pretty happy w/my efforts (so far).
- and although I've ordered a replacment carb, the original one has a leak at the pictured spot (attached), don't know what/how to stop it.

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